With over 20 years’ experience helping building digital transformation solutions with Microsoft technology, we are the enterprise collaboration experts. If you have failed to maximise previous investments in Office 365 or SharePoint systems, FLEX will show you how much more is possible. FLEX is so much more than a simple ‘Intranet in a box’; it is a pre-built solution addressing common collaboration, communication, and digital workspace requirements. FLEX provides the intuitive and mobile first experience that 21st century technology users have come to expect, and it becomes the centre of their day. With an app store that lets them install powerful tools and social environments which boost productivity, it can transform your business into a digital-first organisation. Our customers see an up to tenfold increase in user adoption; deployment time and cost reduced by up to 70% and they typically recover their four year costs within the first 12 months. How is this achieved?



FLEX is built on top of a powerful and intelligent automation engine. It converts Microsoft technology capability into working and adopted business solutions. As well as automating initial deployment tasks, FLEX is able to intelligently manage ongoing governance of functionality, content, data and the rules and processes your organisation needs to wrap around them.



Automation in FLEX provides consistent workspace blueprints, following best practise guidelines. For instance, rather than setting up permissions for every single SharePoint site, FLEX does this automatically for you. You maintain control however – these blueprints are easily customisable to fit around your end users’ needs.

Setup and deployment


So many SharePoint and Office 365 projects fail because costs grow exponentially and because the final product looks nothing like what was expected. If you’ve watched digital transformation projects fail before, you’re not alone – for example only 11% of Intranets achieve total success.


By automating deployment, FLEX facilitates the often difficult and complex set up and roll out of a new system. FLEX can help slash development times and related costs by up to 70% compared with typical bespoke builds. Rather than having everything custom made by expensive developers, you get an environment which uses best practice architecture and governance models out of the box.


You also get more than 20 self-service templates, apps and a mobile-first, Zero Training UX. All of this within just a few weeks of deployment.


fold increase in user adoption


% reduction in 4 year total ownership costs


% reduction in development times and related costs

Cost of ownership


Many IT projects haemorrhage funds, but this need not be the case. FLEX provides a powerful yet cost effective platform that allows you to make more effective use of your technology budget.


Based on Microsoft technology like Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and Yammer FLEX provides an evergreen model of constant rolling updates. When combined with our technology and customer solution support, you can avoid the need for large maintenance teams too.


We typically achieve a 50% reduction in four year total ownership costs; how much could you save?

Business Productivity


FLEX is a digital transformation platform, that can boost user and thus organisation wide productivity. So often productivity is held back by ineffective or inappropriate technology, that users simple can’t get on board with. As a consequence, the impact of a tool like Office 365 or SharePoint is limited, and any return on investment is poor.


FLEX implements a Zero Training User Experience. Coupled with the ability to rapidly automate business process, it can transform your digital workspace, and help your colleagues enjoy all the advantages of cutting edge technology. The user-friendly interface and unique mobile ready App Store help users get far more done through their digital environment.


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