Get rapid, affordable digital transformation for SMEs with FLEX Lite

Large enterprises use digital transformation to improve organisational efficiency and productivity, which was previously out of reach for SMEs, due to complexity and cost. Working with Office 365, FLEX uses automation technology to reduce the cost of digital transformation by 98%, making it affordable for SMEs.

As the consumer world has undertaken digital transformation with the introduction of self-service platforms like Facebook, Amazon and eBay, FLEX offers SMEs the chance to provide the same level of self-service within their businesses.

Our intuitive smartphone environment ensures your business has a user-friendly platform that is cost-effective, quick to deploy and simple to use, enabling your colleagues be more productive, more collaborative and more engaged.

What can you do with FLEX and Office 365?

When it comes to collaborating effectively and efficiently with your customers, partners and colleagues, it can sometimes be a struggle without the right tools in place to facilitate it. With precious resources being sunk into endless searches for the latest relevant documents, or colleagues with the expertise for a particular situation, have you ever thought there should be one place to go to access the latest company information, relevant processes and people? And, as an SME, do you worry that it might require costly training and a dedicated IT department to implement?


FLEX Lite transforms your Office 365 subscription into a powerful business tool, with a focus on collaboration and document management, by utilising automation technology. FLEX removes the need for expensive training, freeing up your valuable time and resources to deploy where they’re really needed.


Collaborate with customers, partners & colleagues

Drive internal communications

Manage your information & documents

FLEX Lite Out-of-the-box features

  • Easy to use smartphone experience

    Reduced training costs with a great user experience through a simplified Interface, consistent navigation, mobile friendly layout, video tutorials and searchable directory.

  • Empowering your employees to self-serve

    Drive end user self-service with a user customisable interface, wide range of apps, and built in governance and security.


    A quick and easy way to keep your team informed with news, events, staff blogs, announcements, internal system status and alerts.


    Make documents available for re-use with FLEX’s document finder widget, document search, anatomy of best practice, followed documents, popular documents and search centric display.

Making business critical Microsoft technology simple for all users

With the vast array of features available in Office 365 and Azure, ensuring you get the most out of your subscription often means expensive training and hindering valuable resources.


FLEX avoids the need to train your employees in the Office 365 or Azure technology stacks, by providing Office 365 capabilities to users via a familiar smartphone user experience and a library of work focused apps such as “Create a new sales proposal.”

FLEX ‘Mass Adoption First’ Deployment

FLEX Lite is an out-of-the-box product, which means you’ll be up and running in days rather than months.

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*Features available on FLEX Enterprise only

FLEX Lite videos

Want to learn a little more about how FLEX can benefit your organisation? Check out our FLEX Lite explainer video and blogs with ICS’ CEO, Martin Neale.

FLEX Lite Explainer Video

FLEX Lite Release Video Blog

FLEX Automation pricing

FLEX provides a powerful yet cost effective platform that significantly reduces deployment times and related costs by up to 70% compared with bespoke builds. Check out our pricing table below, and discover which version of FLEX suits your organisation.

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  • Users
  • Support and Updates
  • Internal Communications
  • Directories
  • Discovery Hub
  • Summary Hub
  • Departmental Hub
  • Document Hub
  • App Store and Tools
  • Standard Apps
  • Business Process App Library
  • Custom Apps
  • Authentication and Approval Hub




  • 1-299
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X

FLEX Enterprise



  • 300 – 2499




  • 2500+ **

* The prices shown are a guide based on an average number of Office 365 or SharePoint users. Prices are based on annual contract, but other price plans are available, please contact us for more information

** Please contact us for pricing for organisations with users over 5000.

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