Malvern drives collaboration and engagement with Office 365 and FLEX

Malvern drives collaboration and engagement with Office 365 and FLEX

Key benefitsmalvern-banner

  • Significant cost savings
  • Empowered departments and users
  • Increased global collaboration
  • Contemporary mobile friendly user interface

Malvern Instruments are a global manufacturer and supplier of laboratory analytical instruments. They produce technology for materials analysis; principally instruments designed to measure the size, shape and charge of particles.


As a global organisation, Malvern Instruments were challenged with ensuring their entire workforce had access to the correct information and tools to conduct their jobs. They identified the following areas that needed addressing:

    • Outdated intranet, which most users found challenging to navigate
    • Employees too reliant on IT department for making content updates to the intranet

Minimal engagement from employees, with the majority of communications being driven by the corporate communications team


Malvern initially attended one of ICS’ seminars to gain an insight into the options available to upgrade from Lotus Notes. The decision to move from Lotus Notes was due to strategic adoption of Microsoft Cloud technologies including; SharePoint, Exchange, Skype and Intune with improved integration to other business systems. After having a positive experience at the seminar, they proceeded to attend a Microsoft funded workshop at ICS in order to fully scope out their project.

The initial focus of the project was to pilot SharePoint Online for two business areas and this focus provided a valuable insight into Office 365 and the benefits it will provide Malvern Instruments.

Impressed with Microsoft Office 365, Malvern Instruments purchased the Office 365 E3 suite with Intune and have worked with ICS Solutions to implement all of the workloads, taking advantage of their deployment and adoption technology, FLEX. ICS also designed a suitable single sign on solution for all of the users across the globe. As part of the solution, ICS implemented Active Directory Federated Services hosted by their private cloud provider as the single sign on solution, Microsoft Intune for mobile device management (MDM), Skype for instant messaging and presence and Exchange Online as a replacement for their Lotus Notes email estate.

To ensure a successful move from Lotus Notes to Exchange, a migration project was necessary. ICS kicked off the migration project with a full technical design, looking at domains, mail routing, transport rules, anti-spam, distribution lists and governance policies. ICS recommended that Malvern Instruments consider a migration tool to automate the move and partnered with Cloud Migrator, using the CloudMigrator365 tool to automate the migration. CloudMigrator365 helped to accelerate the migration to Exchange Online, allowing Malvern Instruments to run the migration activities themselves, reducing the project timescales.

Following the successful pilot of SharePoint Online, Malvern Instruments moved ahead with the purchase of FLEX, an out of the box automation solution for the deployment and adoption of Office 365.

After the deployment of the FLEX and the training that ICS delivered to the Malvern Instruments IT team, FLEX enabled them to deploy SharePoint Online faster through its ability to automate various stages of the deployment process. As well as migrating two pilot sites to FLEX, it has enabled Malvern to deploy a state of the art intranet along with a self-service portal solution, allowing business units to set up collaboration spaces for both sharing and disseminating documents and other content as required.


Malvern are now reaping the benefits of using a more cost effective programme aligned with their desktop estate, which has improved user engagement and increased user adoption across the globe. In particular, FLEX has enabled Malvern to deliver a contemporary, easy to use intranet which allows employees to access everything they require via SharePoint Online. 

  • Significant cost savings

FLEX was significantly more cost effective than a manual deployment and allowed Malvern Instruments to deliver the complete project for less than originally budgeted. 

  • Empowered departments and users

Adam Doswell, Malvern Instruments Enterprise Systems Developer; “FLEX has allowed our end users to be much more self-sufficient with regards to content creation. Our HR department our now able to generate content for our Intranet with little or no input from the IT Department, allowing us to concentrate on providing new functionality.” 

  • Increased global collaborationMalvern Screen Shot

The new intranet has encouraged collaboration across the organisation. Adam Doswell; “Instead of communications being primarily one way, Malvern are now seeing employees getting involved with initiatives such as photography competitions with the winning image each month being used on the homepage banner.” 

  • Contemporary mobile friendly user interface

With Malvern previously suffering from an old outdated interface they immediately saw the benefits that FLEX provided. Not only does FLEX drive consistency across all departments but the user friendly design means it is now much easier for employees to find information, increasing productivity.

Find out more about FLEX for Office 365 and SharePoint. Contact:, 01256 403800