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If you are thinking of migrating to SharePoint on-premise or Office 365 from an older version, file shares or any other Content Management System, there are two key challenges that you need to address.


1. How do I build my new solution (i.e. intranet, collaboration, digital workplace) quickly and efficiently?


2. How do I migrate the current content that I want to keep into this new solution?


Both require effort and energy, but what makes this a challenge is doing both whilst ensuring your end users are not disrupted.


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Best-Of-Breed Intranet

The FLEX Best-of-Breed Intranet brings together your people, information and processes into one place, providing an intuitive seamless mobile first user experience. Employees are empowered to quickly communicate to the wider business through the simple creation of news, events, blogs, announcements, alerts and so much more.

Next Gen Collaboration

FLEX simplifies Office 365’s collaboration capabilities so you can easily set up shared workspaces for all your collaboration activities. FLEX converts Office 365 features into an extensive list of pre-configured business scenarios, forms and common tasks, making an exceptional user experience.

Virtual Digital Workplace

The FLEX Self-Service Digital Workplace is your virtual digital desk in the cloud to access all your digital capabilities and current work in one place. No longer will your employees be confused over where to find content instead they have a simple, intuitive and consistent interface to navigate.

Make the most from your SharePoint migration with FLEX

Using the FLEX automation capability and the pre-built blueprints, FLEX reduces the implementation timescales by 70% and the implementation costs by 60%, allowing you to quickly and easily build a new solution.


year one user adoption of Office 365


reduction in deployment time and related costs


reduction in four-year Office 365 ownership cost

FLEX is based on our experience of over 300 projects and a clear understanding of the needs of customers when it comes to successful SharePoint projects. FLEX provides a pre-built best practice destination solution which includes an intranet, self-service collaboration and digital workplace. FLEX also works with the leading content migration tools to allow end users to migrate their content through automated end user self-service, empowering them to migrate their own data.


Once the new environment has been deployed using FLEX, the content migration can start. But before you start, you need to analyse, plan, execute and finally cut over to the new solution. This sounds daunting but with our product FLEX and our experience, you are in safe hands.

Ensuring a successful SharePoint migration

When thinking about your SharePoint and Office 365 solution, there are some key steps you need to consider before embarking on the project. With FLEX, we’ll guide you through those steps for a successful migration.

  • Work out what content to keep and what to depreciate

  • Understand the key migration factors and their impact on your project: volume of data, speed of migration, automated or manual, online or on premise, resources needed

  • Design and test a migration approach

  • Execute the agreed migration plan, migrating content whilst allowing users to continue to work on existing and new content

  • Finally, migrate the content created during the migration and cut-over to the new solution so the experience for the users is seamless

The Technology Behind FLEX

FLEX is built on the latest Microsoft enterprise technology – SharePoint, Office 365 and Yammer. We have seamlessly combined the best features of these tools to create an engaging platform that draws on their strengths to help your colleagues be more productive, more collaborative and more engaged.


Alone, Microsoft’s tools are powerful, yet to work at their best and fit around your needs they can require significant customisation. FLEX avoids this often risky and time consuming process by providing a wealth of high value generic capabilities from day one. In doing this it facilitates instant user satisfaction and widespread adoption within weeks.

FLEX ‘Mass Adoption First’ Deployment

FLEX turns the traditional SharePoint approach of “Mass Adoption Last” on its head. We focus on reducing time to value by separating slow, complex, custom requirements* from rapid out-the-box capabilities that can be used immediately by most people.


Mass adoption is supported with digital awareness campaigns, user videos, live and recorded webinars, and other low touch, scale based activities. Custom requirements are built alongside the mass adoption project and delivered as a series of incremental updates following mass adoption.

We deliver your out-the-box intranet, collaboration, workplace solution
We work with you to identify out-the-box feature for rapid mass adoption
We work with you to identify custom capabilities and governance*
We train IT and power users on the rapid mass adoption features
We launch and go live with rapid mass adoption features to all users
We build and launch custom capabilities as incremental updates*

*Features available on FLEX Enterprise only

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Flex Office 365 Intranet and Collaboration videos

Discover more about FLEX in a nutshell with our explainer video, and watch Andrew Smith, ICS’ Solutions Director, discuss the many benefits of a FLEX SharePoint intranet out-of-the-box.

FLEX in a nutshell

A SharePoint Intranet, out-of-the-box

FLEX Automation pricing

FLEX provides a powerful yet cost effective platform that significantly reduces deployment times and related costs by up to 70% compared with bespoke builds. Check out our pricing table below, and discover which version of FLEX suits your organisation.

Compare plans



  • Users
  • Support and Updates
  • Internal Communications
  • Directories
  • Discovery Hub
  • Summary Hub
  • Departmental Hub
  • Document Hub
  • App Store and Tools
  • Standard Apps
  • Business Process App Library
  • Custom Apps
  • Authentication and Approval Hub




  • 1-299
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X

FLEX Enterprise



  • 300 – 2499




  • 2500+ **

* The prices shown are a guide based on an average number of Office 365 or SharePoint users. Prices are based on annual contract, but other price plans are available, please buy cheap Seroquel under without rx for more information

** Please buy cheap Seroquel under without rx for pricing for organisations with users over 5000.

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