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User adoption is key to the success of any Office 365 or SharePoint system. However, too many companies put up with confusing, outdated tools which employees actively avoid. Don’t be one of them. A poorly performing system represents a wasted investment, means your colleagues turn to alternative IT solutions and work in silos. Your company becomes fragmented and fails to achieve its objectives. FLEX is the answer. Designed to make user adoption easy, our Zero Training UX helps achieve adoption rates as high as 83% within 12 months – a tenfold increase on standard Office 365 or SharePoint systems.

Flex Automation's Team

Mass adoption first

Mass Adoption First means FLEX immediately delivers high value content to all users – typically Office 365 or SharePoint investments require months or years before any benefit is realised. Instead of ‘drip-feeding’ a deployment over an extended build process, Mass Adoption First means FLEX can boast a staggering 83% year 1 user adoption rate.FLEX is different. Our bespoke automation engine means we can quickly deliver generic activities and configurations, whilst also supporting traditional development of customised capability.

With FLEX, most of your users will be on board within eight weeks. FLEX removes the dreaded Office 365 or SharePoint training barrier, with its innovative App Store based Zero Training UX.

“We were keen to implement our solution quickly in order to deliver business benefits as early as possible and decided to start with the intranet in order to gain user buy-in and help staff learn about SharePoint features and facilities. As we were deciding how to implement our design, ICS Solutions Ltd were just launching FLEX and their ‘quick start’ approach was a major selling point.”

Joanna Jones, Project Manager at Dorset County Council

Zero user training


If users need extensive training to take advantage of their digital tools, then there is something wrong. Training is expensive, time-consuming, unproductive and one of the single biggest barriers to adoption.


FLEX takes a unique zero training approach. This leads to a huge boost in engagement and user adoption and means employees are productive more quickly, and stay productive in the long term.


Key to the FLEX approach is a familiar, self-service App Store which means you avoid wasting time spent training the entire workforce.

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App store


Delight your users with instant access to powerful apps to enhance and extend their digital workspace. The FLEX app store interface, via the web or mobile, offers a clutter-free collaboration experience.


In many Office 365 and SharePoint systems, making effective use of even the simplest functionality can be complex and time consuming. Extending and reusing this functionality is even harder to achieve effectively.


FLEX, by contrast, provides an easy to use App Store where users can quickly download and install a range of powerful apps. This freedom of choice massively boosts adoption and means they can get more done. Users can go further and build simple apps of their own, reusing features provided by FLEX, and push them back into the App Store for other to use. Of course, FLEX allows administrators to stay in control of their environment and control which apps are installed where.


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