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Communicate Clearly


  • Corporate News
  • Corporate Events
  • Staff Blogs
  • Announcements
  • Internal System Status
  • Alerts

Keep Informed


  • World-of-Work Dashboard
  • Personalised Content
  • Summary Hubs
  • Departmental Hubs
  • FAQs
  • Workspace & Document Search

Manage Documents


  • Document Finder Widget
  • Document Search
  • Anatomy of Best Practice
  • Followed Documents
  • Popular Documents
  • Search Centric Display

Connect Colleagues


  • People Finder
  • Buildings Directory
  • Content Commenting
  • Yammer Integration
  • Skills Search
  • Followed People

Right people, right time


Your people are key to your organisation’s success. When colleagues can rapidly search and find experts within the business, they are more productive.


FLEX takes out of the box Office 365 people search to the next level. Your colleagues benefit from a powerful search bar that helps them find the right person fast. Our social network features put the focus on profiles and make it much easier to identify relevant skills and stakeholders.

Engaging internal communication


Communications is about more than a weekly newsletter. The best internal communications mean colleagues feel engaged in your business and involved in its future. Fresh content, blogs, news and events mean they understand company strategy and have a greater desire to contribute to its success.


FLEX provides a simplified and intuitive user interface, so editors can add messages and content without specialist technical knowledge. The People and Site Directory features helps colleagues find timely information about people when they need it most, and the Discovery Hub encourages the knowledge sharing which supports to the greatest prize of all: innovation.

Business critical documents in one place


Document management so often turns into document chaos because systems are confusing and hard to use. FLEX is different. With centralised document storage, your colleagues are able to easily publish and store documents without the usual confusion associated with out of the box SharePoint.


The search based document listing means they find what they need faster and features such as ‘convert to PDF’ support real digital transformation of company processes.

Drive best practice collaboration and business process

Next Generation Collaboration


Work as a team


  • Library of 50+ common business scenarios
  • Customer, Employee and Partner Scenarios
  • Project, Team Meeting Blueprints
  • Document, Community or Share Blueprints

Business Strategy


  • Library of 70+ Business Strategy templates
  • Marketing, Sales, HR, IT and Process templates
  • IT Strategy and Tactics
  • HR Strategy and Tactics

Business Social


  • Create & Follow Business Topics
  • Easy Ad-Hoc Sharing
  • Discussions
  • Follow Topics and People
  • Yammer Group Creation
  • Yammer Integration

Business Forms


  • Library of 800+ Business Forms
  • HR Forms
  • Admin Forms
  • Finance Forms
  • Marketing Forms
  • Service Forms

Simplify and centralise your business processes


Business processes underpin your company’s success – from workflows and forms to approvals and invoices. Company success depends on the successful execution of these processes.


FLEX supports the digital transformation of these activities. It helps automate business processes by letting your colleagues install targeted apps from the App Store. Whether you’re focussing on Risk Management, Projects or Sales Processing, our unique automation engine takes the pain out of the process – leaving you to focus on more high value activities.

Business social is key


A social Intranet mirrors how employees work in the physical office. Instant messaging lets them chat naturally, ‘digital workspaces’ mimic real world meeting rooms and employee profiles mean it’s possible to put a face to a name and learn about a colleague’s skills and experience. Social transforms your Intranet from a dry corporate website to a warm, interactive and engaging environment.


FLEX Intranet integrates perfectly with Yammer and SharePoint’s social features. We incorporate the best of these social tools with the rest of your Intranet, giving you control over how they work, look and feel.

Removing productivity barriers with collaboration


We get more done when we work together. When colleagues can collaborate in sync and online as soon as they start using a system, barriers to productivity are slashed.


FLEX provides a unique Zero Training User Experience for collaboration, across all devices. Our intuitive responsive web based user experience makes it simple to collaborate, share, search and manage data with your colleagues.


Workplace, One Place

Virtual Digital Workplace

Access all your digital work effortlessly from one place

One Place to Go


  • Consistent Navigation
  • User Configurable
  • Integrated Taxonomies
  • Content Aggregation
  • Featured and Highlighted Content



  • User Customisable
  • Wide Range of Apps
  • Wizard Interface
  • Built in Governance
  • Built in Security

Easy to Use


  • Simplified Interface
  • Consistent Navigation
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Video Tutorials
  • Searchable Directory

Access Anywhere


  • Fully Responsive
  • Mobile First
  • End to End Navigation
  • Azure App Store Integration
  • Cloud and Hybrid Compatible

Anytime, anywhere


Digital transformation means allowing your colleagues to be productive anytime, anywhere. In today’s connected world, mobile should offer more than simple email and calendar access. Your colleagues expect an intuitive experience on their smartphones and tablets.


FLEX provides an engaging mobile interface for a wide range of devices. Our dedicated mobile experience provides access to the broad FLEX feature set using a responsive experience.

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