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The Intranet of Tomorow, Unlocked Today.

Join us on 29 November to discover:


  • Why AI is revolutionising the Digital Workplace
  • What FLEX AI does to promote self service via ease-of-use
  • How Office 365 empowers your work force

With an intranet providing the backbone of all internal collaboration across any organisation, it becomes essential to deploy an intranet which promotes ease-of-use and encourages self-service. Typical user adoption of most intranets leads to underutilised applications, and large expenditures of both time and resources spent educating users on how to take full advantage of their intranet.


With FLEX AI, the Intelligent Digital Workplace supplies intuitive solutions to low user adoption concerns. Utilising Microsoft’s Azure technology, we have created an intranet which not only fully integrates with Office 365, but also assists users with cutting-edge AI chatbots.


The FLEX Concierge, or the One Stop Bot™ can answer any query, directing users to the correct application, all through simple conversational user interaction (CUI). This gives users the ability to self-serve, without relying on IT support for guidance or training.


The intranet of tomorrow, unlocked today with FLEX AI.

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